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Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection

Your occupation can have quite an influence on the best insurer and right insurance products for you. Sometimes it is quite clear if a job is going to be seen as risky by insurers e.g. bomb disposal expert. But did you know that at times teachers, cleaners and even yoga instructors can be seen as high risk? 

If an insurer thinks that your job is a higher risk than normal then obtaining insurance can be difficult, or very expensive, if you choose the wrong insurance company.

Here at the Cura we understand how important insurance is. We work for you to ensure that you get the best price for your cover with the least hassle.

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Insurance for High Risk Occupations

Some examples of high risk occupations for life insurance are:

For policies such as Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection, occupations such as these are all seen to have an inherently higher degree of danger and thus an increased risk.

Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover can often be placed at either normal terms (no price increase) or special terms (with a price increase). Income Protection Insurance can be difficult to place not only due to the increased chance of injury but due to the strict medical requirements that need to be met to do your job.

But, the important thing is that whilst getting the insurances might be trickier, it often does not mean that it’s impossible. It’s about knowing which insurer is going to be right for you and we’ve spent over 10 years building our knowledge on how to specifically help people like you.

What Will the Insurers Need to Know?

Each insurance provider is different and the questions asked may differ depending on if you are looking for Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover or Income Protection Insurance. In some circumstances insurers may not go into great detail about your regular working tasks, however for occupations such as the Armed Forces, scaffolders and private security there will be more thorough questions asked.

An example of some of the questions you may be asked during the application process include:

  • Where you are based (country of work, offshore/onshore)
  • Regular working tasks
  • Nature of hazard (explosives handling, chemical exposure

Each of these factors (along with others) are considered by the individual Insurer who then analyses the risk that these present against the cover you require.

How Cura can Help?

As there are a range of insurance companies in the UK, all with different acceptance criteria and prices, it is essential that your cover be placed with the right one. Some policies may have exclusions that relate to high risk occupations and some may increase premiums to cover the extra risk. In some situations however you might be able to source the cover at a standard premium with no occupational exclusions and no price increase.

It is therefore very important to either speak to an insurance adviser or fully research the cover you require to ensure you are adequately protected at the right price.

Here at the Cura we have years of experience in placing cover for people with hazardous occupations. For a free quote please call us on free phone 0808 1782 777 or request a quotation online.

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