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Tree SurgeonsWhen you apply for life insurance being a tree surgeon can pop up in the question set. With the possibility that you will work at quite big heights, insurers do like to check a few things with you before they offer cover.

Our advisers will ask you:

  • Do you work at heights over 40ft or 12m? 
  • What is the usual height that you work at?
  • Do you need to use or set up heavy machinery?
  • How much of your working week involves manual work?
  • Do you work purely in the UK or are you abroad sometimes?

Tree surgeons that are not regularly working at heights of 12 metres or more, are likely to get life insurance at standard terms with quite a few insurers.

If you are regularly working at heights greater than this then it will be essential to be picky over where you put your life insurance application. Some insurers will start to increase the premiums that you pay for life insurance due to your work.

Our award winning advisers will find the right insurer and best life insurance policy for you.

Critical illness cover pays out a cash lump sum of money, if you are diagnosed with a medical condition that is listed in the insurer’s claims set e.g. cancer, heart attack, stroke.

Critical illness insurance for tree surgeons can take a bit of research to find the right insurer for you.

This is because your work can put you at a higher risk of claiming on some parts of the policy e.g. paralysis, traumatic brain injury. Most insurers will want to be quite clear upon the maximum height and average height that you work at, and how often you might be at this maximum height.

If you are working at heights under 12 metres there can be options to get critical illness cover at standard rates. This means no premium increase or exclusions.

If you are regularly working at heights greater than this you can find that critical illness cover may be offered with an occupational exclusion. This means that they will not pay out a claim if you are diagnosed with a critical illness whilst you are actively at work.

Our expert advisers are here to find the right critical illness policy to match your needs.

Income protection pays you a replacement of your monthly income, if you are unable to work due to ill health.

Income protection for tree surgeons can need a good search of the insurance market to find the right insurer for you.

Some insurers will not be able to accept your application for income protection. Other insurers will have no problem accepting your application for income protection as a tree surgeon.

Our expert advisers will find the best insurer so that you can get the income protection that you need.

When you travel abroad it can give you huge peace of mind to have travel insurance in place. We don’t offer advice on travel insurance but we have teamed up with a broker that can help you get the cover that you need.Visit out travel insurance page for more details.

Tree Surgeons

Tree surgeons (also known as arborists) plant, maintain and manage the health of trees. A tree surgeon might spend most of their time looking after trees at ground level, but it’s also quite common to pop on a harness and go high up into the canopy to treat trees. They are sometimes called horticultural engineers.

  • Traumatic head injury
  • Safety equipment
  • Significant falls
  • Paralysis
  • Loss of limbs
  • Assess the health of trees
  • Tree stump and root removal
  • Service equipment such as chainsaws
  • Felling and removal
  • Crown reduction
  • Crown lifting
  • Tree pruning
  • Dead wooding
  • Emergency tree care
  • Tree pollarding
  • Tree planting
  • Tree relocations

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Tree Surgeons

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Tree Surgeons

Client Reviews

Tree Surgeons

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