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EgyptEgypt is a country with a rich history and beautiful holiday beach spots. I visited Egypt many years ago and saw the Great Pyramids, Sphinx and Valley of the Kings, it was fantastic.

For many people travelling to Egypt applying for life insurance should be fine. To double check this for you our advisers will ask:

  • Are you travelling to Egypt for a holiday or for work?
  • How long will you be staying in Egypt for?
  • When are you travelling to Egypt?

If you are travelling to Egypt for a short holiday then it’s very likely that your life insurance application will not be affected by this trip. You will probably see normal terms for life insurance with most insurers.

For people travelling to Egypt as part of your work or for more than 30 days as a holiday, the insurer could ask you some extra questions. This will be about checking the reason for your trip and possibly the exact location that you will be visiting. Depending upon your answers some insurers might increase your life insurance premium.

Our advisers are here to search the market for you and find the best life insurance policy for you.

If you are going to  to take part in extreme sports, the insurer will want to assess the risk of your activities whilst in the country. Even scuba diving can be seen as an extreme sport at times. Sports enthusiasts will find our dedicated page on diving useful to read before applying for life insurance.

British citizens who have moved abroad can often still access life insurance and critical illness cover in the UK. There are specific rules that you must follow to be eligible for new life insurance and critical illness policies, and we are here to strip out the jargon and get you the cover that you need. 

Critical illness cover pays out a cash lump sum of money, if you are diagnosed with a medical condition that is listed in the insurer’s claims set e.g. cancer, heart attack, stroke.

Most insurers the UK will offer you critical illness cover at standard terms if you are travelling to Egypt as a short holiday. If you have any other disclosures on the application these could affect the terms you are offered for critical illness cover.

Short holidays are usually seen as a trip that is less than 30 days. Standard terms means that the critical illness cover premiums are normal and that there are no exclusions on the policy.

If you are planning on a spot of scuba diving, hot air ballooning or other sport while you are in Egypt, it’s a good idea to double check if these could influence your application. One off holidays experiences are unlikely to affect your application, but it’s always worth checking before you buy.

Our advisers will find the insurer that best matches your travel, health and any sports that you do.

Income protection pays you a replacement of your monthly income, if you are unable to work due to ill health.

Travelling to Egypt for a short holiday should not cause any concerns on your application for income protection.  

The insurer would want to know if you are travelling to Egypt as part of your work. This is for them to understand what you are doing whilst you are in Egypt, the locations that you are travelling to and potentially what currency you are paid in and if you are a UK tax payer.

Our advisers are here to go through all of this technical information with you and make it clear and understandable, so that you can have the confidence that you have the right income protection for you.

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Travelling to Egypt? When you travel abroad it’s really important to pick a travel insurance policy that matches you and the destination that you are travelling to. Request your no obligation quotation here.

Egypt GOV.UK Travel Advice
  • Egypt travel advice April 26, 2024
    Removal of some language on military activity in the region ('Warnings and insurance' page).


Egypt is a northeastern country in Africa that is known for the Great Pyramids, River Nile and the famous death mask of Tutankhamun located in the Cairo museum. It is a popular destination with holidays makes due to it’s warm climate and stunning coral reefs.

  • Primary Concerns: General public, environmental factors, terrorism
  • Reason for Travel: Business, leisure
  • Duration of Stay: Holiday break, sabbatical, employment contract
  • Popular locations: Cairo, Giza, Luxor, Sharm el Sheikh
  • Close to 99% of the Egyptian population live on only 5% of the country.
  • There are at least 130 pyramids that have been uncovered in Egypt.
  • The Ancient Egyptians invented toothpaste!

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