Can I get Life Insurance with Epilepsy 2023

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Can I Get Life Insurance With Epilepsy 2023Can I get Life Insurance with Epilepsy 2023

When you have any medical condition it can seem quite intense trying to figure out the best insurer to go to for life insurance.

We are proud to have been supporting members of Epilepsy Action and the wider epilepsy community, in getting their life insurance in place over the years. We have spent this time developing our knowledge of epilepsy and how different insurers view this condition, so we quickly know where to place your insurance.

In this blog I am going through some of the key things that you need to know when you want life insurance and have epilepsy.

Epilepsy & Life Insurance

When you apply for life insurance there are quite a few things that will influence the best insurer for you, the right insurance and the price that you will pay. Your age, height, weight, smoker status, family medical history and your own medical history all play a part in what will be the best life insurance for you.

When you speak with us we will ask you:

  • What type of epilepsy do you have e.g. tonic clonic, absences, nocturnal epilepsy?
  • When were you diagnosed with this?
  • What medication or treatments do you use?
  • How often do you experience symptoms?
  • Have you needed to have surgery?

All of this information gives us a clear picture of your epilepsy and it means that we can have in depth conversations with the insurers’ underwriters. We might also ask you if you are allowed to hold a UK driving license. This does not come up in the insurer’s question set, but, it is a really good indication of how well controlled your epilepsy is and will help us to get you an accurate quotation for life insurance.

Medical Reports

It’s quite common for insurers to want to see medical reports when someone has a long-term health condition, but this isn’t always the case with epilepsy. If your epilepsy is well controlled and you have not any significant flare-ups of your symptoms for a while, then some insurers can potentially accept your life insurance application straight from the application.

This means that your life insurance can start straight away.

If the insurer can’t do this they will ask for your permission to see a report from your GP. They are not allowed to see your medical records without direct authority from you. I quite like these reports because it means that the insurer has an accurate record of your medical history, so there is far less chance of there being any complications at the point of a claim. 

Ability to Work

Many people living with epilepsy are able to work and do day to day activities, just like anyone else. For any medical condition if it causes a person to not be able to work, insurers can look at the life insurance application more closely.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t get life insurance. The insurer will want to know why you are unable to work, if you can’t work at all or if it is that you work reduced hours due to your health. There can be times when this will change the choice of life insurance provider for you and the product that you take out. Sometimes it can mean that some insurers will not be able to offer you life insurance, or that the premium is increased due to your health.

A premium increase never sounds nice. Life insurance is generally very cheap so if there is an increase it is often not a big change. It can be, but most of the time it isn’t. It all comes down to your individual needs and our advisers are trained to make sure that you see options for the life insurance that match you.

The Best Insurer

Insurers change what is known as their ‘risk appetite’ on a regular basis. This means that a handful of insurers might be brilliant for accepting life insurance applications from people living with epilepsy, but the next month things change and maybe two of them aren’t so good anymore. That’s why we are here, to keep an eye on the market and make sure that your life insurance application goes to the right place first time around.

Our award winning advisers will ask you about all the things that we need to know to find the right insurer for you. We are not pushy and will give you the time and space to make a decision that feels right for you. Get in touch for your no obligation quotation today.

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Can I Get Life Insurance With Epilepsy 2023

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Can I Get Life Insurance With Epilepsy 2023
Can I Get Life Insurance With Epilepsy 2023
Can I Get Life Insurance With Epilepsy 2023
Can I Get Life Insurance With Epilepsy 2023
Can I Get Life Insurance With Epilepsy 2023