Can I get Life Insurance After a Heart Attack 2023

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Can I Get Life Insurance after a Heart Attack 2023Can I get Life Insurance After a Heart Attack 2023

When you have had a heart attack it can sometimes make you really think about those ‘what if’ moments.

Quite a lot of people decide to review existing life insurances that they have to make sure they have enough in place, and for others it could be that the heart attack has made them realise that they want life cover.  

We are here to help you whether you want to review your existing life insurance or start for the very first time. We are also quite different to a lot of firms, if you already have life insurance in place and it’s the best cover for you, we will tell you. This can mean that we don’t actually arrange a new life insurance policy for you and that is completely fine, our job is to do right by you.

Heart Attacks & Life Insurance

When you have had a heart attack there are certain things that insurers are going to want to know. 

When you speak with us we will ask you:

  • When did you have your heart attack?
  • Was there a specific cause?
  • Have you had more than 1 heart attack?
  • Do you now take medication?
  • Did you need surgery?

These are just some of the questions that we might ask you. The last one might seem a bit strange as it is quite standard to take medication after a heart attack, to try and prevent another one. But, not everyone wants to take this kind of medication and we will ask you this early on, as we will then know the best route to getting your life insurance.

It’s also incredibly useful to know details about any surgery that you have had, especially if you had any stents fitted. To do the research for you we will probably ask you how many stents were fitted and how many arteries needed them.

Insurers will usually want to see at least a few months since you had your heart attack, before they will consider your application for life insurance. You can get life insurance before this time but it’s important that you know it’s very likely to come with exclusions relating to your heart.

Medical Reports

It’s quite common for insurers to ask to see a report from your GP so that they can assess your application alongside your medical records. The insurer pays for this and they are only allowed to see a copy of your medical records with your expressed permission.

You can choose if you want to see this report before it goes back to the insurer and a lot of people say not to do this, as it can delay the report going back to the insurer. But, I almost always suggest that you see a copy of the report. This means that if there is anything in there that is wrong, or that you have forgotten, we can quickly get on top of things. It might be that your medical report needs correcting, or that we need to amend the life insurance application.

Make sure to keep a copy of the report too for you own records.

Being a Smoker Influences Things

Don’t worry this is not a you should stop smoking message, if you are a smoker I’m sure you’ve heard that plenty of times. It is however important to know that if you are a smoker your options for life insurance will be less than someone who is a non-smoker.

Insurers work off statistics, many decades worth of data, to determine who they will offer life insurance too and at what price. The statistics show that if you are a smoker this does put more strain on things such as your heart. If you have already had a heart attack and are still smoking, then this can mean that insurers might consider you a higher risk of making a claim.

This doesn’t meant that you can’t get life insurance, it just means that it’s really essential that the right insurer is picked for you. This is where we shine.

The Best Insurer

There is unfortunately no specific insurer that is the best for life insurance after having a heart attack. There are so many different things that influence which insurer will be right for you. Your age, if you are a smoker, your height and weight, the time since your heart attack, the medications that you use and more, all come into the decision.

We have been helping people that have had heart attacks to get life insurance for years and our experience means that we will you to the right insurer quickly.

Our award winning advisers will ask you about all the things that we need to know to find the right insurer for you. We are not pushy and will give you the time and space to make a decision that feels right for you. Get in touch for your no obligation quotation today.

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Can I Get Life Insurance after a Heart Attack 2023

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Can I Get Life Insurance after a Heart Attack 2023
Can I Get Life Insurance after a Heart Attack 2023
Can I Get Life Insurance after a Heart Attack 2023
Can I Get Life Insurance after a Heart Attack 2023
Can I Get Life Insurance after a Heart Attack 2023