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Boxers & Life Insurance

Boxers & Life InsuranceWhen you apply for life insurance, insurers are always keen to understand how ‘healthy’ a person is. As a boxer it is quite likely that you are at peak physical fitness and this will be seen as a positive by the insurers.

Being a boxer usually doesn’t cause any concern when you apply for life insurance, but there are some things that can alter which insurer will be right for you.

To find the best insurer for you our advisers will ask you:

  • How often are you boxing?
  • Do you take part in competitions?
  • Are you boxing in the UK or abroad?
  • Have you taken performance enhancing drugs?

Many people that take part in boxing as a hobby should find that life insurance is available at standard terms with most insurers in the UK.

You can find that your BMI can potentially change the options that you have for life insurance. You probably have a low body fat percentage and have a high amount of muscle. This can mean that your BMI can be seen as high and insurers still use this measure as a general guide for someone’s health. If your BMI is high it can just mean having a quick chat with an underwriter to explain that this is because of your fitness, rather than you carrying excess weight.

Insurers tend to look a bit more about life insurance applications if you take part in competitions. Doing a weekend competition with your mates in the local gym isn’t usually a problem, it’s more if you are taking part in competitions where there are prizes at the end. If you are going abroad to take part in boxing insurers, we will check if you are potentially moving into being seen as a professional boxer.

If you have taken performance enhancing drugs in the past, this can change which life insurance policy is going to be right for you. Most insurers will ask if you have taken any drugs in the last 10 years and this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t get life insurance with them, but research is absolutely essential and this is where we can stand in and save you time.

Our award winning advisers will find the best life insurance to meet your needs.

Critical illness cover pays out a cash lump sum of money, if you are diagnosed with a medical condition that is listed in the insurer’s claims set e.g. cancer, heart attack, stroke.

Critical illness cover can be available with some insurers if you are an amateur boxer. With this type of policy insurers are looking for anything that could place you at a higher risk of making a claim.

Taking part in boxing does potentially mean that you are more likely to develop Alzheimers or Parkinsons, to develop a traumatic brain injury or become total and permanently disabled. These are all claimable conditions on most critical illness policies and it can be why getting this type of insurance can be trickier.

Depending upon your situation you might find that some insurers will exclude total permanent disability as a claimable condition on your policy. An exclusion never sounds ideal but it’s important to look at everything that you will be still be covered for.

Our expert advisers will find the right insurer and best critical illness policy to match you and your hobby.

Income protection pays you a replacement of your monthly income, if you are unable to work due to ill health.

Amateur boxing might influence your options for income protection if you have had recent injuries. Recent usually means in the last 3-5 years. It’s quite common for income protection to have exclusions, so if you tore your ACL in the last year or so, you would probably have an exclusion for claims relating to that knee or leg.

It’s important to remember that income protection is about your main occupation and inability to do that job. So think about the exclusions in terms of your work, not your ability to box. If you could still work if you injured your knee again, then this example of an exclusion is probably not a problem as you would not be claiming on the income protection policy anyway.

Our advisers will make sure that you are offered the best terms possible for income protection.

Are you going abroad to take part in boxing competitions? It’s a good idea to make sure that your travel insurance doesn’t have exclusions for injuries you have whilst boxing. We suggest speaking with a specialist travel insurance broker. You can find more details on our travel insurance page.

Fun Facts

  • Boxing is one of the oldest sports in the world with evidence that it has been played for at least 5,000 years
  • The most expensive fee to a boxer was $120 million for Floyd Mayweather to fight Manny Pacquiao
  • The quickest boxing match in the world lasted just 4 seconds and is in the Guinness World Book of Records
  • Amateur boxing
  • Bare knuckle boxing
  • Heavyweight boxing
  • Lightweight boxing
  • Broken bones
  • Concussions
  • Death
  • Increased risk of Alzheimers and Parkinsons
  • Nerve damage
  • Stroke
  • Traumatic head injury
  • Competitions
  • Frequency

Common Questions

Hi, there are some insurances that can potentially support you if you do break a bone. Income protection policies will pay out if your injury means that you can’t work. You would often need to be off work with the injury for more than 4 weeks for the insurer to pay out a claim on this type of policy.

There are some other types of insurance that are cash plans, where they pay out a set amount of money for different situations. This can include things like broken bones. There are usually exclusions if the injury happens during a professional sporting contest, but if you are boxing as an amateur a claim should be fine.

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Boxers & Life Insurance

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Boxers & Life Insurance

Client Reviews

Boxers & Life Insurance

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