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Armed Forces Personnel – ArmyThe main concern for insurance providers in regards to insuring armed forces personnel is if you are in active deployment or due to see frontline action within six months.

As a member of the armed forces the insurance provider will need to know your regular duties in order to fully assess the risks of your job.

When you speak to one of our advisers we will ask you questions like:

  • What is your occupational role?
  • Are you in the Armed Forces Reserves?
  • Are you due for deployment soon?
  • Are your duties high risk e.g. bomb disposal, machine gunner?

We regularly arrange life insurance for armed forces personnel and there is often the potential to get cover at standard terms (no price increase), but this depends on the likelihood of you going on active tour in the foreseeable future. Some insurers might say that you can only arrange a level of life insurance that matches a mortgage that you have. Our advisers are here to search the market and find the right insurer for you.

Companies are frequently changing their views on this so there is rarely a ‘single’ best company to choose. Whilst cover can sometimes be available at normal pricing, there are times when your occupational duties or deployment status could lead standard insurers to rate your policy (price increase) or decline your cover. We have access to specialist insurers that we can approach for your life insurance and no it doesn’t have to mean silly prices.

It is really important to get a hold of a JPA F0100 if your life insurance premiums are increased due to your occupation. You can apply to the MOD to pay for the increased part of the monthly premium.

Get in touch with one of advisers and we can talk through your options with you.


Critical illness cover pays out a cash lump sum of money, if you are diagnosed with a medical condition that is listed in the insurer’s claims set e.g. cancer, heart attack, stroke.

If you are given terms for life insurance you are likely to be able to apply for critical illness cover for armed forces personnel too.

Your occupation will have a direct impact upon the range of critical illnesses that the insurance provider will offer cover for. For example, if you are an explosives handler you should be prepared that the critical illness ‘loss of limbs’ may be excluded from your policy’s claimable conditions.

This should not deter you from applying for critical illness as you may get quite favourable terms depending upon your regular working tasks in the army. Critical illness contracts will generally cover you for at least 50 claimable illnesses should you be diagnosed with a specified medical condition within the term of your policy.

There are potential options that we can look at for you that may not have any exclusions related to your work. These are quite specialist policies and one of our advisers can help you to decide if they are the right option for you.

Income protection pays you a replacement of your monthly income, if you are unable to work due to ill health.

Income protection for army personnel is not particularly easy to arrange and there is quite a debate about it’s value to you. Working in the Armed Forces you do have access to a number of employment benefits, if you are injured in the line of duty.

At the present time it is likely that you will only be able to get an income protection policy if you are on a secondment from the Armed Forces. This is a temporary work placement where you are placed in a role outside of the Armed Forces.

There are some potential options for income protection if you are in the Armed Forces reserves. Please get in touch with one of our advisers who can take you through the options.

If you find that the offer of income protection does not suit you, you may want to consider short-term accident, sickness and unemployment insurance. This policy will provide you with a monthly income should you be unable to work, for a period of up to 24 months. You need to be careful of wording under these policies however, as many exclude accidents that happen whilst working abroad.

Please use our free online quotation system to see how much accident, sickness and unemployment cover you could receive. Redundancy cover for armed forces personnel will come with strict claims criteria and we strongly recommend that you speak with one of our insurance advisers before applying for this cover.


Are you going on holiday? We work alongside a specialist travel insurance broker who can help you choose the right insurance for you. To find out more about arranging travel insurance, please click here.

Armed Forces Personnel

Armed forces personnel include a varied set of occupations including Pilots, Bomb Technicians, Doctors, Cooks and Band members. The day to day working task requirements of individuals employed by the Armed Forces varies significantly between low and high risk activities. Should you be due to serve in active duty within the next six months you will certainly need to speak to an adviser to find out which insurance companies will consider your application. In this circumstance you are likely to receive a higher price on your policy dependent upon your occupation, destination and risk profile.

In some circumstances if you pay a higher price for cover because of your position in the Armed Forces you can claim back a percentage of the extra premium by use of a JPA F010 form. This is only done by your personnel department and cannot be completed or guaranteed by insurance provider or broker.

We often help members of the Armed Forces, example occupations are:

  • Combat (Pilot, Infantry Soldier, Security Guard, Infantry Platoon Officer, Light Gunner, Naval Gunfire Observer, Infantry Musician, Infantry Driver, Household Cavalry Officer, Helicopter Pilot Officer, Combat Air Controller, Military Policy Guard, Commando, Artillery Troop Officer, Artillery Observer, Guards Platoon Officer, Mortar Operator, Tank Crewman, Air Defence Gunner (HVM), Special Gunfire Observer, Sniper, Rocket Ssytem Gunner, Tank Troop Officer, Human Intelligence Officer, Dog Handler, Air Defence Gunner (Rapier), Combat Assault Engineer, Household Cavalry Soldier, Guardsman, Armoured Gunner (AS90), Tank IT Systems Operator, Anti Tank Missile Operator, Parachutist Reconnaissance, Sound Surveillance Operator, Deputy Tank Commander, Aviation Crewman, Close Reconnaissance Soldier, Radar Surveillance Operator, Reconnaissance Tank Crewman, Paratrooper, Machine Gunner, Tank Commander, Weapons Specialist Adviser, Paratroop Platoon Officer, Parachutist, Unmanned Aircraft Operator)
  • Engineering (Geographic Suppot Technician, General Fitter, Bricklayer, Plumber, Avionics Technician, Clerk of Works (Mechanical), Aircraft Artificer, Dental and Medical Technician, Elec and Mech Draughtsman, Machinist, Bridge Operator Driver (ABLE), Armoured Engineer, Avionics, Artificer, Engineer Troop Officer, Diver, Fabricator, Search Specialist, Engineer Specialist Driver, Vehicle Artificer, Clerk of Works (Electrical), Plasterer/Painter, Design Engineer Team Officer, Infrastructure Engineer, Vehicle Mechanic, Air Conditioning Fitter, Engineer Logistics Specialist, Logistic Marine Engineer, Aircraft Technician, Tank Bridge Transporter Driver, Engineer Deputy Troop Officer, Plant Transporter Driver, Fuel and Water Systems Engineer, Metalsmith, Amphibious Engineer, Clerk of Works (Construction), Electronics Artificer, Plant and Construction Foreman, Plant Operator Mechanic, Vehicle Recovery Mechanic, Electrician, Weapons Systems Engineer, Equipment Fitter, Engineering Platoon Officer, Carpenter and Joiner, Well Driller, Weapons Artificer, Ship Repair Engineer, Design Draughtsman, Electronics Technician, Bomb Disposal Specialist, Welder, Crane Operator, Survey Engineer, Building Materials Technician)
  • Logistics and Support (Logistics Supply Specialist, Logistic Ammunition Technician, Logistic IT Systems Analyst, Prison Officer, Logistic Hygiene Technician, Aviation Groundcrew Specialist, Technical Storeman and Trainer, Aviation Support Specialist, Storeman, Driver, Military Police Soldier, Logistic Troop Officer, Logistic Support Chef, Logistic Support Driver, Military Police Detective, Tailor, Logistic Fuel Specialist, Logistic Port Operator, Tank Transporter Driver, Logistic Movement Coordinator, Aviation Support Officer, Logistic Postal Courier, Artillery Logistics Specialist, Logistic Boat Crewman, Health and Safety Adviser, Logistics Support Photographer, Military Police Officer, Logistic Air Dispatcher, Specialist Driver, Logistic Boat Pilot)
  • Intelligence, IT and Comms (Communication Systems Operator, Comm Logistic Specialist, Communication Adviser Soldier, Intelligence Cell Operator, Artillery IT Systems Operator, Webmaster, Electronic Warfare Supervisor, Human Intelligence Analyst, Signals Installation Tech, Communication Electrician, Engineer IT Systems Operator, Language Specialist, Infantry IT Systems Operator, Communication Troop Officer, Communication Adviser Officer, Special Forces Signaller, Intelligence Linguist, Communication Systems Engineer, Signals Operator Supervisor, Counter Intelligence Operative, Aviation IT Systems Operator, Driver Comms Specialist, Information Systems Supervisor, Imagery Intelligence Analyst, Intelligence Officer, Weapons Intelligence Analyst, Intelligence Operative, Signals Engineer Supervisor, Electronic Warfare Operator)
  • HR and Finance (HR Specialist, HR Officer, Chaplain, Welfare Worker, Management Accountant, Physical Training Instructor, Learning Development Officer, Fitness Instructor, Army Skills Instructor, Legal Officer)
  • Medical (Student Nurse, Adult Health Nurse, Combat Medical Technician, Veterinary Officer, Dental Nurse, Combat Team Medic, Environmental Health Officer, Adult Health Nursing Officer, Medical Support Officer, Healthcare Assistant, Mental Health Nurse, Pharmacist Officer, Biomedical Scientist, Farrier, Clinical Physiologist, Operating Theatre Practitioner, Veterinary Technician, Pharmacy Technician, Dentist, Physiotherapist Officer, Radiographer, Environmental Health Tech, Doctor, Mental Health Nursing Officer)
  • Music and Ceremonial (Musician (Horse Mounted), Sound Technician, Musician, Riding Instructor, Saddler, Ceremonial Gunner, Musical Instructor, Band Accountant)
  • Active combat
  • Explosives
  • Hazardous countries
  • Total permanent disability
  • Manual worker
  • Administrator
  • Medical staff

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Armed Forces Personnel – Army

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Armed Forces Personnel – Army

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Armed Forces Personnel – Army

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