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South Africa

When you are set to travel to South Africa, Life Insurance may be available at normal terms if your trip is for less than 30 consecutive days. The insurer may take into account your reasons for visiting South Africa and the specific destinations that you will go to, when making a decision as to what terms they will offer you for Life Insurance.

For those who will be traveling to South Africa for longer than 30 days at a time it is possible that standard insurers may offer you Life Insurance at non-standard terms (premium increase). In these instances it may be worthwhile approaching a specialist insurer who can consider your application more favourably.

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Offshore workers travelling to South Africa will find our dedicated occupation page useful to read, which can be found here.

The following guides and infographic will also help give offshore workers a good overview of what to expect when applying for insurance:

It is worth noting that if you have spent a lot of time in South Africa in the last 5 years, then insurers may want a HIV test to be conducted before offering cover.

British citizens who have moved abroad can often still access life insurance and critical illness cover in the UK. There are specific rules that you must follow to be eligible for new life insurance and critical illness policies, and we are here to strip out the jargon and get you the cover that you need.

As with Life Insurance, the insurer that you approach for Critical Illness Cover may ask you specific questions about your travel to South Africa, particularly the intended duration of the trip and your destination. For journeys of less than 30 days you may be able to secure normal terms for Critical Illness Cover on the standard insurance market.

If your journey is set to be longer than 30 days, you will be out of the UK for more than six months per year and/or your destination in South Africa is deemed to be of a high risk, it is possible that non-standard terms will be offered. This will typically be in the form of a premium increase to offset the perceived risks of your travel, upon your health.

If you have frequently travelled here in the last five years, then a HIV test might be required before cover is offered.

Income Protection for people travelling to South Africa may be available at normal terms if your visit is for less than 30 days and is to a low risk destination. The insurer will want to know if travel abroad is a requirement of your work, and if it is, may want to know an itinerary of your intended travel over the next couple of years.

For those traveling to South Africa for more than 30 days at a time, standard insurance providers may offer cover at non-standard terms. The terms that you are offered will depend upon the amount of time that you spend outside of the UK and the reasons for your travel. When you apply for Income Protection you should try and arrange a policy on an ‘own occupation’ basis, which provides the strongest claim criteria for this type of insurance.

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Are you planning on traveling to South Africa? We can arrange for you to speak with a specialist travel insurance company who can provide comprehensive cover for most countries. Find out what travel insurance is available to you with a no obligation quotation here.

South Africa GOV.UK Travel Advice

South Africa

  • Primary Concerns: Terrorism, civil unrest, general public
  • Reason for Travel: Business, leisure
  • Duration of Stay: Holiday, sabbatical, employment contract
  • Popular Locations: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria

Somalia is an oil rich country in East Africa. There is currently high political and civil volatility in the country.

  • There are more than 2000 shipwrecks off the South African coast, most dating back at least 500 years.
  • South Africa has three capital cities: Pretoria is the Executive Capital, Cape Town the Legislative Capital and Bloemfontein the judicial Capital.
  • South Africa is host to a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the oldest meteor scar in the world.

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South Africa

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