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FishermenWorking as a fisher you are sometimes in situations that can be seen as riskier than other occupations. You will work with incredible health and safety standards, but you never know what the environment might do to suddenly make things dangerous.

When you speak with one of our advisers we are going to be asking you:

  • What type of vessel are you on?
  • Are you based in UK waters?
  • Do you always have sight of land?
  • How much time do you spend on the vessel each week?

The answers to these can really help us to find the right insurer for you. Insurers are very aware of the safety measures and preparation you will take in your role and this means that life insurance for fishers can often be available at normal terms. This will depend significantly on the types of vessel that you use, where you travel to (close to shore, deep sea) and how often you are at sea.

Fishers on small vessels, deep sea trips and/or regular excursions may find that their life insurance policy is accepted at special terms, which will likely involve an increase to the base monthly premiums. 

Our advisers will research the insurance market for you and find the right insurer to meet your needs.

Critical illness cover pays out a cash lump sum of money, if you are diagnosed with a medical condition that is listed in the insurer’s claims set e.g. cancer, heart attack, stroke.

Fisher’s critical illness cover may be available at standard terms with some insurers. This is most likely if you are based in the UK and are working on a good size boat.

If you are working on a small vessel, travel greatly offshore and/or spend significant time away from land the critical illness policy may be offered at non-standard terms. This could be a higher premiums and/or occupational exclusion.

An occupational exclusion means that the insurer won’t pay out a claim if your work directly causes you to have a critical illness e.g. heart attack, traumatic head injury etc. Whilst we want to avoid an exclusion, it’s also important to consider how much of a risk you think your occupation is to your health.

Our advisers will find and give you options for critical illness cover, so that you can pick the insurer that feels right to you.

Income protection pays you a replacement of your monthly income, if you are unable to work due to ill health.

Income protection for fishers will be considered on an individual basis and we strongly suggest that you speak with one of our insurance advisers before placing your application.

Where your work does not require you to work far offshore, then income protection may be available at standard terms with some insurers. Your job is more physical than some other occupations which means that if you are ill or have an injury, that there is more chance that you might not be able to work. The insurers consider this when they are assessing your application as it means you are more likely to claim on the policy, and that is why it’s really key to speak with an insurer that can specifically support fishers.

Deep sea fishers will need to place their income protection application with a specialist insurance provider. Our advisers will help you find the right insurer for you and be involved every step of the way, to get you the income protection policy that you need.

It’s always a good idea to have travel insurance in place when planning a holiday. We work alongside a specialist travel insurance broker that can help you to find the right insurance. To find out more, please visit our travel page here.

  • Recreational fishers
  • Commercial fishers
  • Industrial fishers
  • Environmental factors
  • Equipment safety
  • Capsizing
  • Navigation
  • Capturing fish
  • Consideration of marine life and habitat

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