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Rethink Mental Health Training

This week the charity Rethink have delivered two mental health sessions, focused upon ways to look after yourself during lockdown and those you work with.

I found these sessions really interesting and they fit nicely with a new self help book that I have been reading. It is the first self help book that I have read and it definitely hit some home truths.  

The book clearly focused upon kindness to yourself and others. What really stood out to me, was the concept of giving yourself permission to say not to negativity in your life. That it is ok to distance yourself from people and situations that you are not finding healthy.

During the mental health training with Rethink, there was a statement that I really stood out to me, about what we are all currently going through:

“We are all in the same storm, but we are not in the same boat”

I found this incredibly powerful. I have been finding the lockdown both hard and at times easy. Being a business owner, mum to three young boys, daughter to two disabled parents and a new found job as a homeschooler, there has been a lot of pressure. But I keep focused by being grateful that I am with my family, that we are all safe, warm, have food and the space in our garden to run around and burn off energy.

That is a positive mindset to have but it’s also important to sometimes let yourself be frustrated at what is currently going on. We are all out of our “normal”, some of us are in different boats and even if our boat has everything that we need, we are not used to this storm.

I hope that you are all taking care and have support so that you are able to keep physically, emotionally and mentally safe through this time.

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Rethink Mental Health Training

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Rethink Mental Health Training
Rethink Mental Health Training
Rethink Mental Health Training
Rethink Mental Health Training
Rethink Mental Health Training