S2 Ep12 Practical Protection Podcast - Added Value Services

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Episode 12 of the Practical Protection Podcast

In her latest podcast episode Kathryn chats to Alison Esson, Propositions Manager from AIG.

Alison is the added value services guru within the protection industry, leading much of the developments that have happened in this area. Having recently been awarded this year’s Rising Star at the COVER Excellence Awards this month, it’s clear to see that Alison is really driving and developing these incredible services to market and they are really helping policyholders.

Added value services are the extras that help policyholders and their immediate family, throughout their policy. It’s not just about the claim anymore! It’s really been evident over the past year that the benefits that are offered by some insurers are really meeting people’s needs. Having the ability to arrange to speak to a GP service, 24hrs / 7 days a week, has been invaluable and having a second medical opinion service on hand really gives peace of mind. Other support services include, nutritional advice, fitness and mental health support services. These additional offerings truly give an all round mind and body care package, at no extra cost to the policyholder.

Alison is talking about her journey working at Bright Grey and now being a part of AIG, shouting the benefits of these long-term support services.

The 3 key takeaways:

  1. The reasons why insurers offer support services to clients.
  2. How things like remote 24/7 GP appointments, second medical opinions services, nutrition and fitness advice, have been so essential during the coronavirus pandemic.
  3. Stats and clear examples of how these value added services can be life changing for policyholders and their children.

To listen to the podcast in full click here.

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Episode 12 of the Practical Protection Podcast

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Episode 12 of the Practical Protection Podcast
Episode 12 of the Practical Protection Podcast
Episode 12 of the Practical Protection Podcast
Episode 12 of the Practical Protection Podcast
Episode 12 of the Practical Protection Podcast