CuraVision - The ABCs - Gender Reassignment

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CuraVision ABCs Gender Reassignment – Video Transcript

Hi, today I’m going to be carrying on the CuraVision ABC Series. Today I’m focusing on Miss G. So Grace came to us needing protection insurance to cover her mortgage, and five years previously to speaking to us she had gone through a gender reassignment surgery and she now had a gender reassignment certificate. So with the time frames of the surgery and everything, that’s something that we do need to disclose to the insurers, as well as the fact that Grace at the time saw a psychiatrist and endocrinologist. She also was continuing to see those two types of professional and continuing her hormone therapy. All things that would need to be placed within a protection application.

So the insurer wanted to know specific questions such as was she a smoker or not. She wasn’t. Was her BMI fine. Absolutely fine. And obviously there could have been any complications post-surgery, which fortunately there hadn’t been any complications.

So Grace had a capital and repayment mortgage of £140,000 over 30 years. So we put the application forward to the insurer for the life insurance, and of decreasing life insurance to match the mortgage, £140,000 over 30 years and that came to an approximate monthly premium of £8.50. As well as that, Grace did have a need for income protection, so we put together a recommendation for her to have an increasing income protection policy, which would mean that the value of what she would be covered for each month in the event that she couldn’t work and was ill and needed to claim in the case of income, that would increase and offset roughly the effects of inflation.

So we’ve put that together for her, that was a monthly income replacement of £1850, up to the age of 65. It kicked in after 26 weeks of being unable to work, because that matched her employment benefit, and can’t have those overlapping. And that came to a monthly premium of £36. All normal terms. 

CuraVision – The ABCs – Gender ReassignmentGrace came to us with a need for Life Insurance, to protect her mortgage liability, and Income Protection, to replace any lost earnings if she became ill and was unable to continue working. Grace had undergone gender reassignment surgery five years before she came to us and was still receiving hormone therapy, with routine visits to a psychiatrist and endocrinologist. This video details how we were able to arrange Life Insurance and Income Protection for Grace at standard terms.

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CuraVision – The ABCs – Gender Reassignment

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CuraVision – The ABCs – Gender Reassignment
CuraVision – The ABCs – Gender Reassignment
CuraVision – The ABCs – Gender Reassignment
CuraVision – The ABCs – Gender Reassignment
CuraVision – The ABCs – Gender Reassignment