The PPP – Type 1 Diabetes

In this episode Kathryn and Matt discuss Type 1 Diabetes. How it affects the body, the potential complications that someone can experience and the insurance underwriting terms.

Insurers join NHS waiting lists

Cura Managing Director, Kathryn Knowles, comments in The Times on the concerns about the length of time that doctors are taking to respond to insurers’ requests for customers’ medical information.

The PPP – Group Insurance

In this episode the focus is upon group insurance, special guest Katharine Moxham from GRiD (Group Risk Development) discusses this with Kathryn and Roy.

The PPP – Neurodiversity

Kathryn and Matt are taking a look at accessing insurance when someone has ADHD, autism, dyspraxia and/or dyslexia.

The PPP – Menopause, Breaking the Taboo

This episode, which has been recorded from a live ISC Group panel discussion chaired by Kathryn, explores how the menopause impacts a woman’s work life, and how employers can ensure they are providing the necessary support.